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All Systems Connect 2023 will feature evidence-based learning sessions curated by a range of partners and experts to change-focused design sprints, convene thought-provoking keynote speakers and provide game-changing networking opportunities.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll experience, through event formats and activities that encourage systems thinking and collaborative learning and action.

This is no ordinary conference.
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ASC23_Icons_WASH learning_outline_white.png

Under 5 key themes, experts will share the latest real world cases, evidence and experiences in strengthening and changing water, sanitation and hygiene systems. We will unpack successes and failures, and reflect on achieving scale and sustainability and equity.  

A note on language

All Systems Connect 2023 will have two-way translation from and into English for French and Spanish speakers at some sessions. This will include all the plenary (All Together) sessions and a limited number of the parallel WASH Learning and CONNECT sessions. The MAKE CHANGE Sprints will operate in English.

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