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WASH Learning Theme 3

Water resource management: finding systemic solutions

Advancing wise water management within the context of rapid technological innovation and climate challenges and opportunities. 

Selected speakers

Martha Naigaga.png

Martha Naigaga, Sanitation Coordinator, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

Martha is a WASH professional with 17 years of experience in designing, coordinating and managing implementation of both government and donor funded WASH programs in both emergency and development contexts.
Lake View

Water is a scarce resource, threatened by droughts, floods, and pollution. How can we manage and govern water and sanitation wisely with stakeholders, addressing climate change challenges and building on technological innovation?

In the context of climate change and other threats, join us to learn how improvements in water resources management rise to the challenge of meeting all needs sustainably and protecting valuable water resources.

Day 1
Together stronger – all systems are connected

We open with our symposium’s purpose. Experts, changemakers and decision-makers assemble to explore how connecting across boundaries and promoting systems leadership can help us achieve social justice and improved national systems.

W3.1 Broadening the definition of "resilience": approaches to WASH and climate systems strengthening

Time: 11:30

Location: Oceania Foyer, World Forum

“Resilience is the ability to mitigate, adapt to, and recover from shocks and stresses in a manner that reduces chronic vulnerability and facilitates inclusive growth”, according to USAID. Are resilience and systems strengthening the same? What are (climate) resilient WASH services? What role do research and evidence play?

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Dr. Aline Saraiva-Okello, Skat Foundation / USAID REAL-Water Research Program

Sean Furey, Skat Foundation

Katrina Charles, Oxford University

Annegien Tijssen, Deltares

Judith ter Maat, Deltares

Andrew Warren, Deltares

Lara Lambert, Water Mission

Dr. Lucien Damiba, WaterAid

Joseph Ampadu-Boakye, Safe Water Network

Dr. Lucy Stevens, Practical Action

Dr. Rachel Peletz, Aquaya Institute

Abilio Cuamba, SNV, UKAID

Lauren Cuscuna, Safe Water Network

W3.2 Amplifying voices: locally-led approaches to improve water management

Time: 13:45

Location: Oceania Foyer, World Forum

Local realities and voices need to be better reflected in water management policies and decision-making processes to improve the quality of planning and decision-making. This session will explore community and people-centred approaches to water resources and risk management.


Angela Bayona Valderrama, MUISKA / Leeds University

Lukas Bouman, Eawag

Marijn Clevers, Right2Grow

Aman Melad, Eawag

Sumiya Mim, Right2Grow

W3.3 Innovations in technology, tools and methods

Time: 15:30

Location: Amazon, World Forum

Enjoy a cascade of knowledge on water resource management from Malawian farmers, Rwandan rain collectors and “green infrastructure” in rural Cambodia. In this marketplace session, find out about innovations in technology, tools, and methods to secure water to the last mile.

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Thokozani Kaitane, Water For People

Muthi Nhlema, BASEflow

Colin Andrews, Tiyeni

Clarence Sutharsan Sukunadas, World Vision

Davith Nong, World Vision

Ivan Palma, Water For People

Liza Rivera, Water For People

Day 2
Strengthening all systems – building resilience with water, sanitation and hygiene

Our systems journey continues as we explore and promote the role of resilient national water and sanitation systems, and the change agenda required to deliver them. Explore how water and sanitation can galvanise the development of wider public services.

W3.4 Integrating climate resilience into WASH system strengthening approaches - climate marketplace

Time: 11:30

Location: Oceania Foyer, World Forum

Climate change and environmental degradation are increasingly impacting water, sanitation and hygiene service delivery. During this climate marketplace session, we will share 10 cases that strengthened and changed WASH systems to adapt to climate change. Together we will pinpoint promising innovations and approaches that can be scaled up to the wider WASH sector. 

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Adriaan Mels, VEI Dutch Operators

Geerte van der Meijden, Simavi

Dieneke van der Wijk, Simavi / WASH SDG Consortium

Mark Janssen-Lok, Dunea / WaterWorX Consortium

Anne Mshana, Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA)

Mary Fulugence, Mwanza Urban Water and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA)

Ivar Abbas

Liza Rivera, Water For People

Sanya Anthony Mwara, Shinyanga Municipal Council

Durga Uprety, Plan, Nepal

Herie Ferdian, Plan, Indonesia

Alok Kumar Majumder, Simavi

Sharon Roose, SNV

W3.5 Water resources management data collection, visualisation and management for better water governance

Time: 13:45

Location: Central America, World Forum

Join us to explore cutting-edge ways in which data is being collected and visualised to aid sustainable water management. Through lightning talks and group discussions, we hope to inspire both audience and presenters to think creatively about how we gather and share data to drive positive change in WASH systems. 

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Hannah Ritchie, Cranfield University

Benjamin Filskov, Global Water Center

Stanley Okettayot Lobi, Water For People

Lauren Cuscuna, Safe Water Network

Jon Sheperd, frank water

Freya Scott, Arup / University Of Technology Sydney

W3.6 Poo is water resource management too

Time: 15:30

Location: Oceania Foyer, World Forum

Game shows, research and lived experiences will come together to prompt participants to consider the links between sanitation and water resources management. Participatory sessions will discuss how integrated interventions can be more inclusive and resilient, how we can have a more nuanced understanding of intersectionality and how different groups are impacted. 

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Herbert Nabaasa, Ministry of Health, Uganda

Martha Naigaga, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

Claire Grisaffi, Water WISER

Sam Drabble, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

Sneha Santwana, Finish Society, India

Jamie Myers, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Ruhil Iyer, Sanitation Learning Hub, Institute of Development Studies

Day 3
Taking action as systems leaders

We'll synthesise insights from the first two days, agree on actions and put you in the driving seat. With help from our Wisdom Council, you’ll take part in Action Assemblies and a final plenary to help define a post-event agenda while –hopefully – committing to your role in it.

W3.7 Scaling water source protection through nature-based solutions within landscapes

Time: 8:30

Location: King Willem Alexander, World Forum

Unlocking the potential of Source Water Protection is crucial for achieving SDG 6 and ensuring access to safe water. Join us to explore how we can overcome the challenges of complex water systems and balance the needs of agriculture, conservation, development, and water supply. Discover the innovative solutions that can help accelerate conservation of water sources and leave with actionable steps to affect systems change.

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Fred Kihara, The Nature Conservancy

Colin Apse, The Nature Conservancy

Kelly Latham, Water For People

Andras Krolopp, The Nature Conservancy

Andres Cordova, CARE

Kareem Zabow, Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Kate Harawa, Water For People

William Garde, Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Lelle Hyluwa, Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Marcos San Juan, Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

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