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Four transformative journeys

Topic Journeys explore the systems leadership agenda from unique perspectives and are composed of a mix of all the symposium content layers. They are designed to inspire you, help you think critically, ground you in the knowledge that matters, and ultimately to prepare you for our Action Assemblies.

You can choose from four unique paths or make up your own:


Climate Journey

Take part in the latest discussions about a human-centered approach to climate adaptation. Sessions cover resilience planning, climate finance, climate justice, and the central role of water in a changing climate. 


Health Journey

Learn how people are applying systems thinking to health. Topics include climate-smart health provision, the role of girls and women in designing solutions and delivering robust health systems. 


Social Justice Journey

Critically examine the movement to make public and social services fairer and more equitable. Hear from community justice leaders from around the world and explore ways to fight gender disparity and other injustices, including rights-based approaches and decolonisation. 


Finance Journey

Discover how finance systems constrain or promote public service development. Explore the A to Z of options for mobilising finance for water, sanitation, and hygiene. Suitable for both finance experts and those wishing to build their financial literacy. 

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