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Connecting people and ideas, systems and solutions ​to achieve justice for all

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2-4 MAY 2023

World Forum
The Hague, the Netherlands
Think piece

The answer is in our hands

We’re organising this symposium because we believe that whether we succeed or fail is in our hands, and that success relies on all of us.


Success requires us to think differently, act differently, work differently; to connect systems and to drive change.

Why attend

The issues are complex but the solutions are out there. Because systems don't work in isolation.


A safer, more resilient healthcare facility needs an interconnected health and water, sanitation and hygiene system.


A district that's strong in the face of climate risks needs a water and sanitation system that is resilient to drought, floods, landslides and water-borne diseases.


A country that lifts its people out of poverty needs to connect the systems for financing health, climate and social justice, with water, sanitation and hygiene.

This is no ordinary conference.

This is not business as usual.


Explore our programme

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Our speakers


Meet some of our confirmed speakers. With many more to be announced.

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"We started to develop a new model: one that puts communities first.


We knew that lack of access to healthcare was multidimensional.


There is no single quick fix. In order to sustainably strengthen health systems, we knew we had to develop a model that acknowledges the wider ecosystem."

- My Public Health Journey blog

Dr Githinji Gitahi

Group CEO, AMREF Health Africa


"Floods and droughts are some of the most tangible – and devastating – consequences of the climate crisis.


It is crucial that societies adapt and that governments prioritize, accelerate, and scale up their response mechanisms in the coming decade."

- World Bank Blogs

Kitty van der Heijden

Director-General International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Netherlands


"We made a lot of strides ... but have a lot of problems with respect to polluting the ocean, the sea and also the water bodies.


These are the areas that require collaborative efforts by all stakeholders especially the districts that are the implementation hands of the SDGs as well as the national development plan at the sub-national level."

- Ghana Today

Dr Kodjo Esseim

Director General National Development Planning Commission, Republic of Ghana


The Venue

Churchillplein 10

2517 JW, The Hague

World Forum

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