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Uniting experts and activists to address the interrelated challenges of water and climate justice. 

Selected contributors

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Barbara Schreiner, Executive Director, Water Integrity Network

She has over 20 years’ experience in water management in developing countries, with a focus on good governance and addressing poverty, inequality, gender and other forms of social and economic marginalisation. She is currently a member of the Advisory Committee to the Minister of Water and Sanitation in South Africa.
Trees From Above

CONNECT Climate explores how we can capitalise on strategic opportunities arising through national and global responses to the climate crisis – from growing investments in adaptation to the rise of mass citizens movements.

The climate emergency is here and now. Water used by humans is profoundly linked to the climate crisis, yet those connections are not widely understood nor sufficiently informing strategies and policies. Resilient communities depend on it.

Day 1
Together Stronger – all systems are connected

We open with our symposium’s purpose. Experts, changemakers and decision-makers assemble to explore how connecting across boundaries and promoting systems leadership can help us achieve social justice and improved national systems.

C2.1 Climate justice panel

Time: 11:30

Location: South America, World Forum

The climate crisis is most felt through water – and by those who have done least to contribute to climate change. Join this scene-setting session on climate justice and get enticed for the climate sessions to come on finance, loss and damages, and much more.

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Hajar Yagkoubi

Elspeth Alexander, Bemari

Henk Ovink, Government of The Netherlands

Barbara Schreiner, Water Integrity Network

Shomy Hasan Chowdhury, Awareness 360

C2.2 Avoiding the maladaptation trap - integrity and cross-sectoral collaboration in climate financing

Time: 13:45

Location: Yangtze, World Forum

Climate change has tremendous implications on how water resources are managed and delivered, but how do we make the best use of limited financial resources? This session will bring together stakeholders from different sectors to understand the link between integrity and good governance of water sector financing for climate adaptation. 

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Barbara Schreiner and Rebecca Sands, Water Integrity Network

Fred Kihara, The Nature Conservancy

Alfred Okidi Okot, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

Adnan Ibn Abdul Qader, WaterAid

Virginia Roaf, Water WISER

Rehema Tukai, Water For People

C2.3 Understanding Loss and Damage - unlocking new flows of climate finance

Time: 15:30

Location: Central America, World Forum

Climate and humanitarian finance is often unpredictable. How can we collectively identify evidence and tools to generate actionable recommendations for loss and damage? How can we build on the global movement and ensure WASH is recognised?

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Adnan Ibn Abdul Qader, WaterAid

Day 2
Strengthening all systems – building resilience with water, sanitation and hygiene

Our systems journey continues as we explore and promote the role of resilient national water and sanitation systems, and the change agenda required to deliver them. Explore how water and sanitation can galvanise the development of wider public services.  

C2.5 Catalyse the movement to achieve SDG 6: testing the sprint prototype for water and climate activists

Time: 11:30

Location: Yangtze 2, World Forum

We need action! Join the session and feed into the ongoing Design sprint where water and climate activists are uniting to accelerate progress toward SDG 6.

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Valery Molay, MAKE CHANGE sprinter

Hajar Yagkoubi, MAKE CHANGE sprinter

Saoirse Moriarty, MAKE CHANGE sprinter

Anita Soina, Sanitation and Water for All (SWA), MAKE CHANGE sprinter

Shomy Hasan Chowdhury, Awareness 360

Hadi Toure Guindo, Afr'eau

Diandra Ní Bhuachalla, National Youth Council Of Ireland

Spurthi Kolipaka, University of Leeds

C2.4 Climate mitigation: Looking for win-win opportunities for WASH sector and for populations living in vulnerable situation

Time: 13:45

Location: Antarctica, World Forum

Come engage in conversations to identify win-win situations, discover the need for mitigation in sanitation, learn about the policy implications and find out about opportunities for carbon credits finance in water projects.

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Barbara Evans, University of Leeds

Aude Perrine, South Pole

Keith Wright, Millennium Water Alliance

Lars Osterwalder, IRC

C2.6 Tapping into climate finance flows for water and sanitation

Time: 15:30

Location: Africa, World Forum

Come explore different climate finance structures that increase the flow of climate funds toward the water and sanitation sector.

Organisers, contributors and presenters

Osward Mulenga Chanda, African Development Bank

Arjen Naafs, IRC

Sarah Custer-Lalanne, International Development Enterprises (iDE)

Jorge Alvarez Sala Torreano, UNICEF ROSA

Emmanuel Olet, African Development Bank

Day 3
Taking action as systems leaders

We'll synthesise insights from the first two days, agree on actions and put you in the driving seat. With help from our Wisdom Council, you’ll take part in Action Assemblies and a final plenary to help define a post-event agenda while –hopefully – committing to your role in it. 

C2.8 Action Assembly: climate

Time: 11:00

Location: Yangtze 1, World Forum

It’s time to raise our voices! Participants, not speakers or dignitaries, will be in the driving seat, for these informal town hall-style ‘Assemblies’ dedicated to moving the Water Action Agenda forward. A small number of foundational questions will generate insights, action agendas and systems leadership demands  for each.

Organisers, contributors and presenters

All Systems Connect participants

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